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I really fell in love with this product when I realised how many uses it could have. When you have a baby the list of things you need is never ending, a product that ticks a few boxes is a real advantage. As new mums we all buy muslins for general clear up etc. but this extra large version is meant for so much more.


Although I should say, when it comes to clean up, the bamboo content makes this far more absorbent than cotton!


See below the other ways our Muslin Swaddle Blankets are every mums best friend!


Breastfeeding cover – the light and breathable fabric makes this a really gentle cover when feeding. We designed the prints specifically to be interesting for little eyes to look at too!



Swaddling – cosy, soft and comforting these muslins measure 120 x 120cm so have plenty of room for swaddling.



Playtime – the look and feel of these muslins make them perfect as a playtime companion. Lay on any surface for a soft place to chill out. Let little eyes explore the wild designs in tummy time!



Blanket – these can be the perfect blanket when your little one wants something on them for comfort but you don’t want them to get too hot. The softness of the bamboo is perfect for nap time.



Sun shade – it can be a nightmare applying sun cream to every inch of a little one, these muslins are great for throwing over their legs in the pram or round their shoulders in the garden so they won’t get hot but will protect their delicate skin against harsh UV rays.




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British Wildlife Inspired Original Watercolour Designs. Project donation with every purchase.

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