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baby boys at photoshoot

The right product photography was extremely important to me right from the beginning, and I already had a photographer in mind before I’d even seen the finished product!


I have followed Katie Rogers on Instagram for a while and loved her style, everything was elegant and her use of light is just beautiful. She understood immediately the look I was going for and on the day was committed to getting it right.



The shoot wasn’t without challenges, initially my pre-production samples were delayed so I had to change the date, not just with Katie but also the six mums who has agreed to bring their babies.


Then Boris Johnson announced the six person rule, even though this wasn’t a social meeting, we structured the shoot to adhere to this to make everyone feel more comfortable as well as wearing masks and shooting outside wherever possible.


The day of the shoot the sky was ominously dark and rain was on it’s way. Katie called me and asked if I was sure I wanted to go ahead, I had been so looking forward to this and had spent all week scheduling the busy mums into their slots so decided it was worth risking and happy to say it paid off, it was a dreary day but for the 4 hours we were shooting the rain stopped and the sun came out!


I am so incredibly grateful to the mums that gave up their time to be part of launching my brand.


The Models


We were so lucky to be joined by little Collette and her mum, at just 11 days old she was the perfect little model to show how lovely these Muslin Swaddle Blankets are for newborns.


Remy was the oldest model, he was full of beans and asking him to lay there looking sweet just wasn’t an option. He had a pile of Muslins and just played with his mum and aunty and Katie shot as he did and the results were amazing.



Florence is my second favourite baby in the world, and my best friends daughter. They travelled 100 miles to be part of the shoot and that meant so much to me.


Rory’s mum Dannielle makes all our Macrame, they’ve been part of the brand since the early days so it was wonderful to have him in our photos.



Of course not forgetting my own little boy and the inspiration behind this brand Harry!



Highly recommend Katie Rogers Photography for any photos you need whether it be branding or for a special occasion.


It is a rare find to get someone so good at their job that is also so lovely. You can find her website here.






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