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Clean Water


In Cambodia, a country of approximately 15 million people, there are more than nine million cases of diarrheal disease annually, estimated to cost the nation about $448 million a year.

One of the easiest ways to combat these diseases is through clean water. This project provides this through the means of a Bio-Sand Water Filter that can lasts up to two decades or more and is able to provide for an entire family.

A Bio-Sand Filter (BSF) is a point-of-use water treatment system adapted from traditional slow sand filters.

young boys in cambodia with water pipe

This project is run by Trailblazer who work primarily with the poorest of the poor communities in isolated rural areas that are largely overlooked or neglected by other development groups and cannot develop beyond a level of subsistence on their own. They address the need for potable water, nutrition, food security, and income generation.

young girl in cambodia catching water
young girl drawing water in cambodia
mother and son in cambodia smiling

After his family received a bio-sand water filter from Trailblazer Foundation, Mr. Hoy shared, “Now we are able to have a more wonderful time. We have cut down the cost of treating our illnesses, and can save money for our family to invest in other interests. My mother is healthy and has more time to attend religious festivals in the pagoda with other village elders. I am very happy to have Trailblazer working in my community and providing us access to clean water, and giving us knowledge about hygiene and sanitation. Me and my neighbors in the community have enough clean water to use and we are healthier.”


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