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Hygiene Kits


Hygiene Kits


This project provides women and girls in Kenya with basic female hygiene necessities such as sanitary pads. In Kenya, many women and girls living in poverty cannot afford to purchase disposable pads, and so use unsanitary and unhygienic materials such as old rags, which can cause infections.


Many girls will stay home from school because they are embarrassed to attend school, missing a week of school every month – this can add up to 10 or more weeks a year! Many fall behind and drop out of school. You can help to improve hygiene, comfort and even education by helping girls to access basic essentials.

Founded in 1988 by the late Robert Hoey, World Youth International (WYI) is one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit international development organisations. WYI provides many Overseas Programs allowing people give back in effective and meaningful ways while working with local leaders in developing countries to create a real sustainable change.


British Wildlife Inspired Original Watercolour Designs. Project donation with every purchase.

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