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Business & Literacy Training


Business & Literacy Training


Your support helps women build their own businesses through education, business training and access to financial services, which supports their families and entire communities – paving the way for a sustainable future.


This project is run in Karamoja which is Ugandas most deprived region. It has only recently emerged from decades of conflict and has the highest percentage of people with no education and infant mortality rates. Poverty levels in Uganda are high, access to electricity and education are limited and the country relies heavily on agriculture.


This project works with the community to address their specific needs and find ways to diversify their incomes. Your help will support these communities to grow their small businesses and incomes and build capacity through literacy and numeracy education, financial and business skills training and access to safe, community-led financial services. Your contribution helps these entrepreneurs and families receive the training and support needed to save, invest-in and grow their business, and pay for healthcare, nutrition, education and sanitation.

women learning business skills in uganda
women in uganda learning business skills

This project is run by Five Talents, a small charity with over twenty years of experience providing innovative microfinance education, training and support to rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, South America & Asia.


They establish microfinance Savings Groups and provide tailored literacy, numeracy, financial and business skills training to support entrepreneurs as they set up small, sustainable businesses.


The programmes across 8 countries unite communities to learn, earn, save and invest together; building resilience and empowering entrepreneurs to thrive – even in the face of adversity. The combination of skills, training, and financial services have helped over 210,000 people support themselves through entrepreneurship.


To find out more about Five Talents visit www.fivetalents.org.uk

women learning business skills in uganda


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