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Little Wild Co.

From the outset I wanted this company to be a bit different, something I could be genuinely proud of in all areas.


We’ve made a lot of decisions solely based on the desire to do the right thing, whether this concerns charity contributions, eco-friendly packaging or choice of supplier.


Our Big Promise is an ongoing project, never claiming to be perfect but always promising to make improvements and try to do better.


It contains the following promises;


Giving Back – We promise to give back as much as we can and to be completely transparent about our giving.

Packaging- We promise to one use eco-friendly materials.

Suppliers- We promise to always choose to work with suppliers who share our core values.

Product Quality- We promise to only carry the highest quality products.



You can find the latest version of our promise and much more information on these areas here.


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British Wildlife Inspired Original Watercolour Designs. Project donation with every purchase.

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