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We are Little Wild Co.

Hi, I’m Katie and I run Little Wild Co. with the help of my Mum Jenny and my little boy Harry who is the inspiration for the way we do everything, a little boy who as a baby was more interested in trees than any toy!


We live in East Sussex just a short drive from Ashdown Forest that inspired A.A. Milne to write Winnie the Pooh for his son and it has inspired us too. It’s a special place for us and was where I first told my mum that I was pregnant.


It wasn’t long after that we’d spend our weekly dog walks there talking about all the outdoorsy things we wanted to do with my baby, little did we know a global pandemic would happen and we’d be spending some time outside but not together.


2020 was an interesting year to become a first time mum and for me the hardest part of lockdown was being away from my own Mum. We both kept busy and tried to make the best of things, for my mum that was getting back into painting, something she has always loved but has been far too busy taking care of everyone else to devote any real time to.

For me it was trying to think of creative ways to keep my new baby entertained and starting a Facebook support group for other new mums.

Bench at ashdown forest
two polaroid photos of mothers with their babies

My work life has mostly been in marketing, both as an employee and freelance and I’ve always secretly fancied the idea of my own business/brand where I could make all the creative decisions myself but felt my confidence would always hold me back in making that a reality.


Lockdown brought with it a lot of time to think, a shift in perspective, a new appreciation for the great outdoors and the idea that we should all do our bit. Slowly an idea started forming for a children’s brand centred around wildlife that also made a difference. At this point my mum was sending me her latest paintings every time she finished one and it one day clicked that if I could use her work it would be so much more meaningful than just buying a ready made product to sell.


With a little persuasion she agreed – confidence isn’t her strong suit either! Just like that out of nowhere the idea for Little Wild Co. was born and it was time to start product development.

This was a lot more difficult than I anticipated, as the person who markets the end product I had very little experience in sourcing from manufacturers. I wanted the product to feel and look nice but there were also things that would be important to me as a mother buying for their child.


I wanted the packaging to be eco friendly, the material to be organic and to buy from suppliers that I felt were good people. This made everything so much harder but I couldn’t give up on those things because I just didn’t want to do this if I didn’t feel good about the product. There were LOTS of samples received and a fair bit of disappointment but we got there in the end!


It soon became clear that starting a business while taking care of a baby was a huge challenge and running it once I returned to work would be a whole lot more difficult so I made the scary decision to quit my job and go all in on this dream.

hands making macrame

Our goal is quite simply to do good in all activities, this was the aim before products and designs were even in production. We’ve joined a global network of over 2,700 companies committed to creating giving impacts for every business transaction.


Every sale on our website creates a donation to a project somewhere in the world but not only that we’ve chosen suppliers based on their own giving, eco and sustainability promises.


We purchase from a company who will plant a tree in the amazon rainforest every time we order, another who donates to the British Beekeepers Association and one that donates 10% of all profits to environmental clean ups – none of these things are groundbreaking on their own but I love the idea of this circle of good that comes from making the right purchasing decisions.

So here we are, a small business created by two mums in lockdown.


We know we’re only little now but we have big goals to make a difference, extend our product range and entertain little curious eyes all over the UK. We hope you have as much fun with our products as we did in creating them.


Thank you for taking the time to read our story.


Love Katie, Jenny & Harry x


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British Wildlife Inspired Original Watercolour Designs. Project donation with every purchase.

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