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Our Big Promise

Big Promise

Our Promise To You

We don't claim to be perfect but we do promise that as we build this small business we will be dedicated to making all business decisions to create minimal environmental impact and to do as much good as possible through our business activities. This is Little Wild Co.'s Business Promise, we'll be updating it as we go and striving to always make improvements in the way we operate.

1. Giving Back

We promise to give back as much as we can. Our business model incorporates a donation for every transaction through our site, in addition to this we give further when customers tag us on social media and will regularly hold Double Donation days to increase this giving.


We also promise to be completely transparent and honest about our giving. It isn’t just a marketing spin, you can see details of every project we support with links to the facilitators own websites.


100% of the money we donate goes directly to these projects and you can always see a live counter on our website showing our current total of giving impacts.


2. Packaging

We promise to use as little packaging material as possible whilst keeping our products safe in transit.


Our mailing bags are completely compostable and made from sustainable plants and non toxic resin!


Our ribbon is made from 100% post-consumer waste plastic in the form of PET plastic bottles!


Our envelopes, as well as being recyclable are made from recycled materials.


Our tissue paper is FSC certified, chemical free and printed with ink made from soy beans!


If we want to add our logo to anything we have our handy 100% eco and vegan friendly custom stamp and ink pad!


3. Suppliers

We promise to always choose to work with suppliers who share our core values. It is so easy when setting up a business to focus on margin but we have consistently paid more for materials in order to choose a supplier that is environmentally friendly.


We purchase from a company who will plant a tree in the amazon rainforest every time we order, one who donates to the British Beekeepers Association and another that donates 10% of all profits to environmental clean ups.


We promise to keep these values in mind going forward.

4. Product Quality

Every product in our range has been chosen not just for it’s eco credentials but also because it was the best quality from the samples we saw, and believe me, we saw a lot!


Our muslins really are super-soft and so much nicer than any product I had purchased for my son, the digital printing brought out the designs perfectly and the Organic Cotton is breathable and gentle.


All paper used for prints are made with a unique stock with a stunning canvas white finish and coarse bright white fleck, you won’t find another paper like it. It’s FSC certified and made from 100% post consumer waste.


Our macrame is all hand made in Kent using natural 100% biodegradable cotton cord that is undyed so free of any chemicals.


I was really excited for the idea of plantable wildflower seeded cards but the first samples I received were quite disappointing, I found a supplier online that I really liked the look of and when we spoke I realised she was ten minutes down the road!  The samples she made me were so much better, exactly as I envisioned and it was a bonus that she was absolutely lovely to work with.


We promise to only carry the highest quality products.


British Wildlife Inspired Original Watercolour Designs. Project donation with every purchase.

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